• Pixeliris Labs is the research and development center of SECOM. As such, Pixeliris Labs develops innovative interactive and immersive solutions. Soon, this business unit became a member of the "Microsoft Partner Network".

  • CopSonic is a new contacless communication technology compatible with 100% of mobiles phones and smart devices. This patented technology is based on the use of acoustic waves (sonic and/or ultrasonic).

  • Founded in 1989, SECOM is trading in electronic hardware. The company started diversifying its activities from 1997 in order to focus on software development and IT services.

    From then on, the desire of the company has always been to anticipate the markets' needs following all technological changes. Its financial independence has always allowed SECOM to invest in human capital with as a direct result a strong team of 140 people.


Founded in 1989, SECOM is trading in electronic hardware and diversifies its activities from 1997 in order to focus on software development and IT services.

The desire of the company has always been to anticipate the market needs following all the technological changes. In all financial independence the greatest part was invested by Secom in the human capital, which allows us to manage a team of 140 people on several continents.

Along with the head office being situated in France, we have R&D units and digital production in South America and Eastern Europe.

4 business units compose the structure.

The first business unit, GMixon, was created in 1997.

Being passionate about digital audio, we anticipate the explosion of MP3 and develop software and services for the Entertainment industry and public places.

We naturally diversify our software solutions to video broadcast. Its main customers are franchises, resorts, campgrounds, hotels, restaurants, media libraries, and parkings.

In 2004 the market opportunities allow us to offer our services of computer development to communications agencies, that is the date on which we create Pixeliris which becomes the 2nd business unit. The IT services and 2D/3D graphic designs give a strong growth to development teams, giving the company a broad vision of market needs.

Attentive to the market via advertising agencies, we recognize that the added value we bring to agencies lies in innovation. Throughout these years of collaboration we aim to to find the advanced technology which can help the customers of agencies to sell more through new technologies and which sharpens our prospective and the culture of useful innovation.

In 2010 we formalize expertise and culture of innovation by creating Pixeliris-Labs which becomes the business unit of research and development on advanced technology that can serve our partners and customers.

We structure the investigation lines around the computer vision and the treatment of acoustic signals which have the common factor of being "contactless" technologies for the control of man-machine interfaces and electronic devices.

In September 2013, we officially introduce Copsonic, a new contactless communication technology that is compatible with 100% of mobile phones and SmartDevices based on acoustic waves.

This patented technology is the result of 15 year experience in the audio since it is in this area that Secom began in 1997 and till now has always been looking for innovation.

Copsonic is the name given to this technology being the 4th business of the company.

Through the "Microsoft Partner Network" Microsoft allows us to materialize our R&D via this partnership and integrate the Microsoft Technology Center in Paris where we represent our most innovative products / technologies.